Make a Commitment

Make a promise to yourself and others that you’ll last the month (or at least try to).

Try Every Day

Try your best to stick with it everyday, and to try again if you don’t. After all, failure is a critical part of science.

Be Honest & Forthright

Share with others what challenges and triumphs you experience. Learn about yourself.

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Even though we were both friends through all four rounds, I was disappointed the game ended. I was totally going to choose enemy in the next round.

The prize for choosing friend at every chance is worth the loss of points.

What I'm learning about this game is that people are just a$$holes. They are mean. I'm friending you and you friend me...why not keep it going? You keep me as your enemy even after you clearly see that I'm trying to be friends?? What I'm trying to tell you is that you should not be selfish and friend me next time so we both win. But no, you decide to make me your enemy until the game ends. Why? What have you gained besides more points? Is the objective for you to win at this or to feel good about humanity? You may win at this game, and you clearly beat me, but are you winning in life? Are you winning inside your heart? Do you have compassion for others? Can't we all just be friends? Oh if I could only chat with my opponent while playing...

Is the opposite of an opponent a "supponent"? It feels wrong to call the other player my opponent when we both choose to friend, though of course I realize both of our moves may be strategically for our own gain rather than cooperative for social/group gain. Still, I like my new word and I look forward to being your supponent!

I was a friend at all times. So was my opponent! Now I feel the warm and fuzzy love.

ok, I thought there were 8 not 7 which affected my play a bit. I get it now. I feel bad as I look at the final results. We friended 1-5. I was the first to enemy and then the next time we both enemied. I won point-wise, but it would have been nicer for both to friend the whole time. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously. ;)

What is Experimonth?

Experimonth started in January of 2009 as a way to redefine New Year’s Resolutions and make new friends while making new habits.

Since then, it’s been re-imagined as a way for science museums to engage people around the world while also generating data for scientists who want to solve big problems. Each Experimonth is designed with a scientist and sometimes also an artist and is intended to be fun and to give participants a way to reflect on their own lives and identities.

Experimonths have been generously funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services and the National Science Foundation.


Meet the Scientists

Frances Ulman
(Mood, TBA)
Michael I. Norton
C. Athena Aktipis
Lee Cronk
(Do You Know?)
Kristina R. Olson
Wouter van den Bos

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